July 3 - 31, 2015


New Landscapes by Patricia S. Gordon

For the month of July, Kennedy Gallery and Custom Framing will feature the most recent landscapes of New Hampshire painter Patricia S. Gordon. The show, entitled “Mystery and Magic,” highlights a range of Gordon’s soft ethereal works – none of them with any signs of people or buildings. Gordon’s landscapes evoke the mystery inherent in our natural environment as well as the magic in a shift of light, or an amazing cloud formation, or the quiet simplicity of a magnificent tree growing along a rural field (“Summer Tree”).

“I am intrigued by the mood and feelings I sense in the natural world,” states Gordon. “I see an element of mystery and intrigue in what can be a very simple scene – such as the way the light intensifies and glows as the evening sun lowers in the sky, or the beauty and wonder in a fleeting cloud formation as it hovers above the water or an isolated country field.”

“As I continue to marvel at the world around me, I am finding myself increasingly drawn to water, so more seascapes, lakes, ponds and marsh scenes will start to crop up in my work. The fluidity and movement in water is as ephemeral as the clouds floating by in the sky. I seek to capture these fleeting moments in time and convey the emotions they instill in me. I want my viewer to feel their own story in the work and sense what is meaningful to them.”

There is a mystery and magic in the world around us that is seen and interpreted in the landscapes of Patricia S. Gordon.

Please join us for an opening reception to meet Patricia and discuss her work on Friday, July 3rd from 5-8 pm in conjunction with the monthly Art Round Town Gallery Walk.