Water As A Verb

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Water As A Verb

Water is constantly moving and ever evolving, illusive attributes Anne Scheer aims to capture in her art. During the month of May, Kennedy Gallery will present an exhibit of gelatin monotypes, each hand augmented by the artist.

Scheer states, “Water in all its states is a wonder. Myopic vision directs my eye to a narrower depth of field.  I prefer the beachcomber’s close-vision of water’s transparency, reflections, and currents.  Sea tossed water with flotsam, or the lapping waters of a freshwater lake appeal equally to me.”

Scheer has developed an active printmaking technique using mostly water-based media to portray the energy of water in all its forms. ” Creating a gelatin monotype using acrylics on an absorbent paper substrate, I lay down the action.  Having a color palette in mind, I add digitally manipulated photo transfers, pencil and or brushwork, aiming for tension between structure and abstraction.”  The result is a subtle and intimate connection with water, its energy, and the original source of life.

Please join us for an Opening Reception to meet Anne and enjoy her work on Friday, May 5, from 5-8 pm, in conjunction with the monthly Art Round Town Gallery Walk. Refreshments will be provided by South Street and Vine