Patricia S. Gordon

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Growing up near the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Patricia S. Gordon acquired a love for her natural surroundings at an early age. Her passion, from childhood and beyond, has always been drawing and painting, and her first solo art show was in high school. Since graduating from the College of William and Mary with a B.A. degree in Fine Arts (art history), She has been drawn to study painting with numerous instructors, all working artists who were actively selling their work in galleries – James Aponovich, Stan Moeller, Dennis Sheehan, Sean Beavers, Michelle Dunaway, Casey Baugh, Albert Handell, Clayton Beck, and most recently, Donald Jurney and Alvaro Castagnet. During this period of intense study, she connected with the work of tonalist landscape painters - in particular the spiritual intensity and visionary emotion of George Inness’ later paintings.

Clouds are her passion and obsession, and she is beginning to paint more cloudscapes over water rather than her typical trees or fields. Another area of interest is exploring the possibilities in painting larger floral pieces.

Patricia S. Gordon’s process is to capture her initial visceral response to a scene. While she may sketch outside or lay in a monochromatic underpainting, as well as take multiple reference photographs for compositional use, the bulk of her process is in the studio, where she has the luxury of time to allow memory and layering of paint to intuitively glean what is significant for her to portray.
While Gordon tries to constantly evolve as a painter, her work follows the Boston School tradition of painting and is classical in style. She currently travels between her homes in New Hampshire and Virginia, and is greatly inspired by both areas and constantly feels torn between the two locations. Patricia S. Gordon’s paintings are characterized by a soft, ethereal quality, reflecting the transcendent nature of the scenes which inspire her.