William Mitchell

Bill Mitchell

Serigraphs shown are a small representation of this artist's work.

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William Mitchell is a printmaker and painter who lives in Dover, New Hampshire. Originally from Catskill, NY, William received his B.A. from the State University College at Oneonta NY and later studied at the Boston Museum School. In 2007 William completed graduate studies at the University of New Hampshire receiving a Master's in Education. William has been a juried printmaker in the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen since 1991 and is a listed artist in Who's Who in America. William's work is included in many private and corporate collections. Prints have been commissioned by New Hampshire Public Television, The New Hampshire Sierra Club and the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen's. Some of his handmade limited edition holiday greeting cards are in the James Mullen collection of the Smithsonian Museum.

William Mitchell has a strong affinity for New Hampshire's lakes, rivers, and mountains, and that love of the outdoors is evident in every one of his hand-made serigraph (silkscreen) prints. An avid hiker and skier, William is intimately familiar with many of New Hampshire's most beautiful places, and through his prints, he is able to depict that beauty in a way that makes those places seem both familiar and brand new.

While most people think of silk screen prints as being composed of straight lines and solid blocks of color, William's prints show the hand of a skilled painter. In fact, many of his prints got their start in the paintings that serve as his initial "sketches." In addition to their flowing lines, William's prints are known for their striking use of color. His prints are bold and bright; there is nothing tentative or hesitant about William's work. And in the combination of his painter's hand and his vivid palate, William is able to put on paper the joy and reverence he feels for the New Hampshire landscape.