Beaman Cole

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With lush brushstrokes and impressionistic color, Cole presents familiar scenes of Portsmouth through his unique artistic vision. The street scenes are instantly recognizable, but it is through his closely cropped views that the viewer experiences a more intimate view of Portsmouth: the doorway to the Athenaeum, one corner of a building, a glimpse of a garden. The viewer is drawn into the scene and becomes a part of the story. In Beaman’s words, “I’m looking to impart the feel of the place in my work. For those who know and enjoy Portsmouth as much as I do, I want a certain reality to strike the viewer. The paintings should speak the language of Portsmouth through my brush.”

Painting since he was a child, Beaman had his first solo show at age eleven and has been painting ever since. “As far back as I can remember I’ve always loved creating things. For me, painting is about creating something new. I control the process of putting beauty, inspiration and poetry on a flat, white canvas. It thrills me every time.”