Ann Trainor Domingue

Ann Trainor Domingue

Paintings shown are a small representation of this artist's work. Original paintings and Giclée prints are available.

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Ann Trainor Domingue continues to find her New England landscape--coastal and inland—full of design elements that she recombines and changes to bring life and energy to her paintings.

“My long career in advertising and graphic design has proven very helpful in my transition as a painter. Whether designing a logo or a painting both use the same thought processes-- thumbnail sketches to define concept and composition, snapshots to recall shapes and forms, scaled-up drawings to refine design, rough color drafts to begin to flesh out a vision. But I always leave plenty of wiggle room for serendipity to happen along the way.”

Recurring themes in her work include ‘togetherness’, ‘appreciation of waterfront life’, ‘local community’, and ‘reflection.’ Domingue incorporates all or selectively in each work with ‘togetherness’ being the framework for all her work. It is visualized differently in each work but it is this togetherness concept she continues to refer back to in bringing design and color together, adding figures or details, or recombining subjects and techniques.

“I describe my work as ‘messy, uncommon, friendly contemporary art’. Messy in a creative way—that it takes plenty of wrong turns before I find a path that works for me; uncommon in that I like to be surprised by the process and outcome, and that I am comfortable with not knowing how a piece will look until it’s done; and friendly in that I want viewers to be able to see and feel something—optimism and thoughtfulness.”

Ann was born in Fall River, MA, lived in Swansea, MA and Barrington, RI. Now resides in Goffstown, NH.